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The Body and Mask in Ancient Theatre Space - Research Project

Digitised masks archive - by Martin Blazeby

The digitised masks archived on the project website have been recorded using photogrammetry and laser scanning technologies (see: Project pipeline - Mask scanning process). All masks have been subjected to varying degrees of post scan manipulation using 3D editing software and a selection chosen for rapid prototyping (see: Project pipeline - Rapid prototyping process). Some of the masks have also been 'virtually' decorated used in preparation for full-sized mask construction (see: Project pipeline - Virtual mask decoration process).

The masks are categorised by type and listed by their respective museum accession numbers. Other classifications i.e. Webster, Monuments Illustrating New Comedy are also referenced where possible.

Digitised Masks archive:
Female (10)
Slave (13)
Young Men (25)
Middle-aged Men (6)
Old Men (7)
Satyr (4)
Miscellaneous (7)


Rapid prototype mask