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The Skenographia Project

King's Visualisation Lab, are currently undertaking a ground-breaking project to investigate architectural scenes depicted on a number of Pompeian frescos. Using 3D modelling technology, KVL are creating a series of reconstructions to allow scholars to explore and analyse these structures. The project, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, aims to provide an insight into the nature of the structures and to support the theory that they evoke stage settings for theatrical performance used before 79A.D.

For further information go to the Skenographia project website: www.skenographia.cch.kcl.ac.uk

Example images taken from the House of the Cryptoporticus
Photograph of Cryptoporticus fresco in its current state

An artist's reconstruction of the fresco

3D structural interpretation
Photograph of the Cryptoporticus fresco
An artist's reconstruction of the fresco

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