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Theatricalism of the Roman House Project

A multi-phase project exploring those aspects of Roman houses and villas that can be seen to be influenced by the highly theatricalised nature of the culture and aesthetics of the late Roman Republic and early Principate.

From April 2002 to October 2003, the Leverhulme Trust funded a programme of digitally-augmented work under the title "Investigating Pompeian Wall Paintings through Virtual Reality" in which 3D visualisation was used to explore the scenographic structures suggested by numerous Pompeian frescos. A book, under contract to Yale University Press, is currently in preparation.

Images from 'Theatricalism of the Roman House' Project
House of Marcus Lucretius Fronto, Pompeii

House of Apollo, Pompeii

Villa of Oplontis, Room 23 interior visualisation

House of Fronto interactive House of Fronto interactive model created by Drew Baker.

Requires Internet Explorer or Firefox for Windows (PC). The Turntool plugin needed to view this model should download automatically. If not, you can download it: http://www.turntool.com/ViewerInstall.exe

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