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The Pompey Project

The Pompey Project, directed by Prof. Richard Beacham and Prof. James Packer is the first scientific study of Rome’s first permanent theatre. Recent excavation results and the creation of a definitive series of site-plans, sections, elevations keyed to a complete photographic record have been compiled into an extensive archaeological register recording the details of every known artefact discovered on the site of the theatre complex.

The Project has produced a highly detailed computer visualisation of the site and Martin Blazeby from KVL has also modelled in 3D earlier 2D reconstructions by 19th and early 20th century scholars to create a comparative study of earlier interpretations.

For further information go to the project website: http://www.pompey.cch.kcl.ac.uk

3D renderings of the Theatre of Pompey based on the plans by Luigi Canina
View of the theatre and temple

View of the orchestra and stage

Internal cut-away section

Real-time Theatre of Pompey model created by Martin Blazeby (1.21mb)

Requires Internet Explorer or Firefox for Windows (PC). The Turntool plugin needed to view this model should download automatically. If not, you can download it: http://www.turntool.com/ViewerInstall.exe

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