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The Roman Villa at Oplontis

April 2008 - September 2011

The largest and most sumptuous Roman villa ever to be discovered; funded by the NEH and Leverhulme Trust, King's Visualisation Lab has worked closely with Prof. John Clarke at the University of Texas, and the Superintendent of Pompeii/Herculanium to complete a 3D digital model, in both static and interactive, virtual world versions, fully documenting the architecture and decor of the Villa. Users can explore the digital model as a 'near to life' real-time experience, with the ability to switch between the villa's current architectural state and a reconstructed version with hypothetically restored wall paintings. An integrated online database can also be accessed containing a full range of documentation of archaeological and architectural sources.

For further information go to the project website: http://oplontisproject.org/

Images from the Project

3d image

3d image

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