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Kilmartin Valley Project

In collaboration with the Department of Archaeology at the University of Glasgow the visualisation team created a series of 3D reconstructions based on the different historical phases of Fort Dunadd - seat of the first Scottish kings. Funded by SCRAN, animation flythroughs, Quick Time panoramas and an interactive game were created for Kilmartin House Museum.

Phase two, funded by Historic Scotland, involved creating a series of computer reconstructions of Cairnbaan centered on the prehistoric cup and ring carvings. Working with the University of Stirling, pollen data analysis showing how the environment changed over 4000 years was used to visualise changes in land use and vegetation at the site.

Screenshots taken from the Kilmartin Valley Project
3D Visualisation of Fort Dunadd complex

Fort Dunadd ruins from the above

Cairnbaan cup and ring carvings

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