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Virtual Roman Colchester

KVL was commissioned by the Virtual Experience Company to reconstruct the Roman Town of Camulodunum for the Colchester Castle museum in Essex. Visitors to the museum can navigate around the virtual town, experience the magnificent entrance gate, take a tour of the theatre and temple and walk into a wealthy Roman's house. Visitors can also click on artefacts to study them in real-time 3D and gain further information by connecting to the museum's database.

Screen shots taken from Virtual Roman Colchester
View of the Balkerne Gate

View of a town house interior

View of the Temple of Claudius

lamp Roman oil lamp

coin Roman coin

Real-time Roman artefacts created by Martin Blazeby

Requires Internet Explorer or Firefox for Windows (PC). The Turntool plugin needed to view this model should download automatically. If not, you can download it: http://www.turntool.com/ViewerInstall.exe

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